In May 2014 an exciting new collaboration of international talents at the studio created a compelling events series for London, Barcelona and Berlin - The Conversation, a Film Set without a Film. The project was launched with a performative installation at Bargehouse at the OxoTower Wharf, continued in the Re-Set Barcelona festival (June 2014) and concluded in ACUD Berlin where the AAIS, New Movement Collective - a dance group, and the music Ensemble Apes Grapes, merged architecture, dance, music, art and fashion.

The Conversation, a Film Set Without a Film is a performative playground of characters placed in one of Berlinā€˜s courtyard buildings. The characters fulfill repetitive roles defined as hybrid creatures: first, taking the shape of film set elements; while second, regenerating the urban pattern of the surroundings. Elements of the set come alive. The stage becomes the staging. The narrative is the film set. The film set is the actor. Together the characters perform in relation to each other, the synergy of urban and natural patterns, creating the performance itself.

The performance is designed for different spaces in the venue, the courtyard and the rooms around it, as scenes from a full production: a composed performative structure that each spectator will perceive differently. The audience moves through the set: sit, eat and drink within it. Audience members create their own story, initiated into a conversation, and a net of relations between planned and unplanned entities. The artificial enhances the reality of its surroundings and in turn, frames it.

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