We collaborate to create, to teach, to revolt. For such a collaboration to take place, we must be able to trust in our fellows' abilities and integrity. This year AAIS will research core questions of collaboration while simultaneously using the very act of collaborating as the creative inspiration for the studio's work. In this context, trust is encouraged. It can arise naturally and instinctively, but it is just as easily misplaced.

Extending the idea of trust into the spatial realm, can it be defined and specified in design terms? Is it predictable? Can it predict? Trust is adjustable, but is it mechanical? Can it be systemised? Can it be plastic? Is it prone to collapse? What does trust have to do with truth? When applied in tandem, do they aid collaboration, teaching, creation or revolution?

Despite being an essential part of collaboration, is trusting each other delusional? Is trust a leap of faith? When trust is active, is 'getting screwed' a by-product? More significantly, how does trust function during crises ? as a means of navigation?

Are we invested with adequate reserves of trust? If the reserves are extant, can they facilitate friendship, collaboration, community or state? Who trusts a government? Does a government trust its electorate? Is it trusting to pay taxes? Is it trusting to vote? Is trust manipulated by a ruling class? Is truth moulded by powers? Can I trust you? Do you trust me?

Trust, Truth, Integrity

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