Res Extensa

The AAIS 2015/ 16 is invited to participate in the 4th International Biennial of Interior Design in Krakow. As part of this years topic 'Energy Self/ie Space' of the Biennal the AAIS will perform in collaboration with New Movement Collective UnREAL - Res Extensa.

Yi-jong gong-gan is a Korean term which refers to a mediating space rather than a place which cannot be tangibly defined but can be cognized. It is constructed before, during or after a state of being; a space in between. This notion challenges human perceptions and identities. It peels their layers and exposes their fluidity. Same as as presence, interactions, people - they shape our personality, beliefs, expectations. Yi-jong gong-gan testifies that we are entangled in ever-changing physical, virtual and social constructions. Malopolska garden of arts’ entrance hall/ atrium is a transitional space, channelling and filtering the outside and the inside worlds; literally a threshold.

The creative team from the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio, incorporates a synthesis of several mediums to render and constitute the atrium’s spatial configuration. Manifesting its aforementioned metaphorical character they try to interpret this year's Biennale main theme. During the course of their event they weave a four dimensional structure which activates and animates the space turning it into an ever-morphing organism.




08th to 09th of March 2016

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